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Native American Indians of New York State

Native American Indians were the first inhabitants of our local region and State. The Iroquois (Haudenosaunee–People of the Longhouse) and the Algonquians were the first inhabitants of our State. The Iroquois and Algonquians met their basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter in what is now New York State. Geographic factors and the environment shaped Native American Indian settlement patterns. Native American Indians who lived in our community and State have achieved significant accomplishments and made important contributions.

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 the Native Americans:

Use the links above to complete the following tasks and  activities: Please note the due dates!
What makes or shapes a culture? 
How are early inhabitants of New York State alike and different?

Activity 1:  We will share our charts in class on Monday Nov.5, 2012
What smaller groups made up the Iroquois and Algonquin groups?
Create a CHART to categorize the tribes in New York State.

Activity 2: 
Past Due
What were the cultures of the groups like? What did they celebrate, wear, do, etc?
Read some information about these groups and organize the information into categories on a T chart. 

Complete the  T Chart using facts gathered from the text to compare and contrast the cultures: The Algonquins                The Iroquois.
 Please Note Revisions- 

Assessment Piece to be completed in class:  
Product: Comparative Essay 
(advances a judgment that is interpretive, analytic, evaluative, or reflective.)
Look at your T chart to answer the following 3 questions. 

Write 3 reasons to prove your answers.

Are the Algonquins and Iroquois more similar or different? 
Why do you think they are more similar or different? 
What do you think are their most important differences?

Product: Expository (Writing to Inform)(report that analyzes subject and provides facts)

Write a 3 paragraph essay to inform others about the Algonquins and Iroquois. 

Early NY
Essential Question: 
How did Native Americans influence the development of New York? 

Can you define these terms?

Environment              landform                         wigwam                clan

Region                         glacier                                tradition                  ancestor

Continent                    plateau                            confederation       natural resources                    

 agriculture                maize                                 culture

Hemisphere                coastal plain                longhouse

The Focus Questions are:

What are the different ways to describe the location of NY?

What are NY’s major landforms and bodies of water?

What was the Haudenosaunee league and where were their territories

    • What natural resources did the Lenape use for food and shelter?

Can you...
  • describe NY’s location using two different  graphic organizers     
  • use maps to fill out graphic organizers  
  • draw a NY landscape and describe their drawings with labels and captions  
  • identify and write details about NY’s landforms using a graphic organizer    
  • create a postcard by selecting a NY landform, draw a picture and write a short description     
  • use a graphic organizer to name NY’s bodies of water ?
  • Locate NYS on a map of the United States.
  • Define relative location and describe New York’s relative location to other states,                                           major bodies of water, and in the world.
  • Use basic map reading skills including using cardinal and ordinal directions,
  •  legend and scale to describe NY's location.

Visit the links below. Then share the answers by writing in the comment box.

Denneille G.

Native Americans were the first people to live in NEW YORK STATE!
Wigwams were the homes the Algonquians built and lived in.THEY
were dome shaped and were built small were other built big enough to
fit 40 people .Long houses were large ,rectangular dwelling built by
Native Americans. These houses were primarily used by a group of
tribes known to Europeans settlers as the Iroquios.

Victoria m. 4-208

The snow snake games were played in the winter.while native americans culture has struggled to survive through centuries of displacement and assimilation the stories and legends passed on form generation to genration refuse to die; this is perhaps due to thier common, timeless message of peace and hamony with nature, which is now more revelant with

Victoria. M. 4-208

The algonquins live in Quebec and eastern Ontorio,in they live in nine communities in Quebec and one in Ontorio.the leader of each algonquin band is called ogima or ogema,which is translated as chief in Eglish.the orgima used to be chosen by tribal concilmembers,often from the last chief sons,nephews,or son-in- law.

Ariana D. 4-208

1.I learned that the Algonquians were one of the two main groups of woodland tribes.
2. Native Americans were the first to like in New York.
3 The Algonquians hung dreamcatchers to protect they babies .
4. Algonquians built homes that were called wigwams .
5. Algonquins lived in Quebec .
6 Algonquins made their own tools with branches and shells.
7. Algonquins also grew Tobacco .
8. The Algonquians believed in one spirit named Kautantowwit.
9 Algonquians believed that all poisonous reptiles and poisonous plants were created by an evil spirit named Hanegoategeh.
10. All the children had chores they had to such as helping with the crops and helping to make arrowheads.
11.The Algonquians used the skins from animals they caught to make their clothing.
12. During the hot months the men wore only a deerskin loincloth and the women a deer skin apron.

Brianna R

1-Algonquin people mainly hunted and gathered their food, traveling in small nomadic bands.
2-The Algonquins lived too far north for farming.
3-The Algonquins are original natives of southern Quebec and eastern Ontario, Canada
4-Some bands are English-speaking, and others are French-speaking
5-The Iroquois made tools for farming. One tool was a wooden rake for leveling the soil.

Alexis C 4-208

I learned that the Algonquin language is related to Cree and Blackfoot languages.
Bt the 1400s AD. the Algonquins had moved a little to the west along the St. Lawrence river.
Algonquin people mainly hunted and gathered their food by traveling in small nomadic bands.
The Algonquins lived too far from the north for farming and it was too cold and dark so they got corn and beans by trading with and raiding the Iroquois to their south.


I learned not only that the algonquins speak a different language but their language is related to cree and blackfoot languages. The Iroquois and the algonquians met their basic needs of food,clothing and shelter.

Ryan H 4-209

The Algonquians and the Iroquois were the main groups of the woodland tribes.They were divided because they spoke different languages.They lived in a home called a wigwam.They made their own tools to help plant food.The kids had chores as well as the parents did. The kids helped with crops and made arowheads for bow and arow. Even though the kids had chores they still had plenty of time to play games like races and learning how to shoot a bow and arow.

Gianna L. 4-209

I learned about two different tribes, the Algonquin and the Iroquis. The Algonquin people had to hunt for their own food and they lived in the wigwams that they built. The Iroquois made tools for their farming. All the kids had to do chores to help their parents.To make their clothing Algonquins used skins from the animals.

Anthony L 4-209

There were two groups of woodland tribes, they were called the Algonquin and the Iroquis. The Alqonquin people hunted for their food by traveling in small nomadic bands. They built wigwams which they lived in. The Algonquins lived in Quebec and Ontario in Canada. The leader of the Algonquin bans is called the ogima which means chief. Algonquins also grew tobacco.

Jelina Saliu 4-209

The Hopi are natives of northwestern Arizona, where they and their
ancestors have been living for thousands of years.The Hopis live on a reservation, which is land that belongs to them and
is under their control. The Hopi Nation has its own government, laws,
police, and services, just like a small country. However, the Hopis are
also US citizens and must obey American law.

Mellak A.

Native Americans were the first to live in New York.There was a game called snow snake witch was played in the winter time.Even children had to do chores but they still had time to play games.Algonquins lived in Quebec.They had homes called wigwams.Algonquins made there clothing out of deer and other animals.

Gabriella C. 4-208

What I learned about the native americans is the Iroquois and the Algonquians were both tribes of native americans and they met their goals of getting food,water, and shelter.They did not like each other beacause they did not speak the same language and did not understand what they were saying and were fighting for resources to keep their tribes going.


I like your comment I think you put alot of thought

Mia G

Native Americans were the first inhabitants of New York's local region. They were people who were the first to travel to the United States. Native Americans is another way of saying "indians". American indians have made significant accomplishments in our country and New York state. Native americans lived in tents called wigwams. Wigwams were homes that native people lived in. Native Americans gathered their food by killing living animals in the woods. Animals also helped people live by making cloth for themselves out of fur.


lot of thought


Native Americans were part of Spain before Christopher Columbus traveled to the Bahamas. Christopher mistakenly,called them Native Americans to Native Indians. After that, the Native Indians were working as slaves for the Spanish people.The geographers them divided then into culture groups,such as Arctic culture and the Subarctic culture area. White men settles and force the red Indians to move from their own land.The Native Indians and the Americans had a difficult war in the 18 and the 19 centuries.The leader of the Native Americans was Sitting Bull who fought against North America.


Native Americans were one of the very first to live in North America. They created their own rules like laws.

Suman .C

I learned that the Native American came from 2 tribes the Algonquin and Iroquis . Native Americans is another way for saying 'indians' . Natives did'nt like each other because they did not speak the same language .The Native Americans goals were getting food ,water ,and havig a place to live .Some Natives got there food by killing animals.

Krzysztof G.4-208

Native Americans were people from1700 years ago.Some can speak Einglish and some can speak France.


Algonquin Tribe
Algonquin was the French name for the tribe,The Algonquins are original natives of southern Quebec and eastern Ontario,they didn't do so much farming.
Iroquois Tribe
The Iroquois Indians honored the needs of other people, just as they honored the land and animals,The Iroquois believed in cooperation. This belief affected the way they grew food.

Nicole F. 4-216 10-23-12

The Algonquins and the Iroquois were of the two main groups of woodland tribes.
Iroquois. This group made up from: the Cayugas,the Mohawks,the Oneida,the Seneca and the Onandagua.
Algonquin: This group was made up from: the Mahicans,the Mohegans,the Pesquots,the Narragansetts,the Wampanoags,the Penobscots,the Abnakis,the Mantanuks,the Delawares and the Powhatans.

Nubiene W.

Today, some Alogonquins people still wear moccains or a beaded shirt but they wear modern clothes like jeans instead of beech cloth.

The Iroquis and Alogonquins were the first inhabations.The Iroquis and Alogonquins met their basic needs food,clothing,and shelter in what New York State

Anna F. 4-208

Iroquois lived in a longhouse.
Iroquois depended on corn, beans, and squash for food.
Many Iroquois families lived together in one longhouse.
Iroquois men fought wars and prepared for them.
Algonquin and Iroquois spoke different languages. Algonquin helped pilgrims on arrival. Algonquin lived in wigwams. Algonquin planted corn, beans, squash and pumpkins. Corn was extremely important for Algonquin, even though they got some of it from raiding the Iroquois. Algonquin believed in good spirit Kautantowwit and bad spirit Hanegoategeh. Algonquin children learned by listening to stories. Algonquin leader was called sachem. Algonquin lived in Quebec and Ontario in Canada. Algonquin language was related to Cree and Blackfoot.

Aidan H.

The Algonquian and Iroquoian tribes were the first inhabations of New York state. The Algonquian spoke Cree and Blackfoot related languages.The Algonquians were made up of the Algonkins, the Ontarios, the Lenape, the Mohegan, the Penacook,the Pequot, and the Wicowamos. The Iroquoian language was Laurentian language. The Iroquoian tribe was made up of the Mowhawks, the Senacas, the Cayugas, the Chrokees, the Onedias, the Onondagas, and the Tuscaroras.

Amanda U 4-216

The Algoquin live north from the Iroqois.The language was related to the cree and blackfoot.The Algoquin people mainly hunted and gathered their food traveling , traveling in small nomdis band.Iroquois people, who originally came with the other nativeamericans,first settled in the north-eastern part of north american.

Cristian V.4-209

For native Americans to survive they used their surrounding to survive.
The native Americans plant crops and hunt. They hunt deer,turkeys,moose,and ducks.They plant corn,beans,squash,and punk ins.Native Americans make cloth by scarping the blood off the animal skin and thread it together. children plant crops to help parents.When it is play time they race,play darts and learn how to shoot bows and arrows.


''Algonquin'' was the French name for the tribe.The Algonquins are original natives of the southern parts. Today their communities are living in 9 one was Quebec and one is Ontario.The Algonquin tribes that lived in New York included lots of tribes.The tribes in New York were Mahica and Wappinger tribes,the Montauk and and Shinnecock trbes, and the Munsee Delaware tribe.The Iroquois tribe was made Mowhawks,the Senacas,the Cayugas,the Chrokees,and Tuscaroraus.The Iroquios and the Algonquins first inhabitants of our state.

Victoria A

Algonquin was the French name of the tribes the tribes that lived there was the mahica and wappinger.

Andrew B. 4-216

New York State is located on the continent of North America. It is north of the equator, part of the Northern Hemisphere. New York has mountains, valleys, rolling hills,streams, rivers and waterfalls. The southeastern part of NYS touches the Atlantic Ocean. Lake Ontario and Lake Erie also border NYS. The Lenape tribe or the Delaware Indians lived in wigwams .For food,the women did most of the farming and the men did the hunting. The Haudenosaunee league of the iroquois Confederacy, today call themselves the Six Nations. The tribes are Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, oneida, Mowhawk and the Tuscarora.

Jason Mora 4-216

The Algonquin Indians are natives of Quebec and Eastern Ontario, Canada. The Algonquins live on their own reserve or reservation. The word "Algonquin" is french for the name of the tribe.

Julia G

There were 2 main groups of the Woodland Tribes the Algonquians and the Iroquoise. They were Seperated because they spoke different languages. The Algonquians lived north of the Iroquoise. The Algonquians lived in Quebec and eastern Ontorio in Canada, but today they live in 9 communities in Quebec and 1 in Ontorio, The leader of each algonquian band is called Ogima or Ogema which means chief in the English language. They lived in houses that were called Wigwan. They made tools out of shells and braches which the childrenhelped make as part of there chores. dream catchers were hung in the childrens rooms as protectors.

Tai T.

I learned that ten tribes were in the algonquin.Their names where Delaware, mahican, pesquot, mohegan, powhatan, narragansett, Wampanoags, the Penobscots, the Abnakis, the Mantanuks, the Delawares, and the Powhatans. The Algonquians lived north of the Iroquoise. The Iroquois are made up of six Nations. They are Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, oneida, Mowhawk and the Tuscarora. The Iroquios and the Algonquins first inhabitants of NY state.

Ava T 4-208

1- I learned that the Algonquians (the Native American Indians) were we non wasteful people. When they hunted they used all of the animal, for food, clothes and shelter.
2- In the winter they layered their clothes to keep warm.
3-They had a doctor called Shaman who used herbs and pray to help the sick.
4-The Algonquians had meeting called powwow, where they asked the Shaman questions.
5-The children had chores like to hunt, tend to the crops and to clean.

NICOLE F. 4-216 Mon.Nov.12th 2012.

Are the Algonquins and Iroquois more similar or different?
They are more similar.
Why do you think they are more similar or different?
1-They are more similar because both planted the same kind of food.
2-They wore the same clothes.
3-They believe in Spirits.
What do you think are their most important difference?
The most important difference between Algonquins and Iroquois was,both want to move to the south where the weather would be warmed, that's why they were fighting.

olivia c.

Are the Agonquins and Iroquois more simalar or different?
They are more simalar.
Why do you think they are more simalar or different?
They are more simalar because they both planted the same food and wore the same clothes.
What do you think are the most important difference?
The most important difference beetween the Algonquins and the Iroquois was they both wanted to move to the south wether they will be warmed or not.

LizetteJ 4-209

Iroquois were people of the longhouse they spoke different languages.What is same about them both they meet basic needs,food,clothing and shelter water woodland tribes.Algonquin the first inhabits of our state.they speck different languages.

Dominik M.

Native Americans were the first people to live in our region and state.Native Americans all lived in Longhouses all in one village.A Longhouse is were several families lived all together in one house.Also the whole Village has a giant wall protecting them from wild animals and enemies from envading them.I also learned that Iroquois and Algonquions were the first Native Americans in our community.They started collecting food ,clothing, and makeing shelter mostly all the time.This what I learned about Native Americans!


native americans live in longhouse all in one village
they started colecting food and clothing


I learned about New York


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